Shining Moment

Burning and Pillaging

Picture from Chinese video game Three Kingdom Illation.

“This was not my most shining moment.”

“Have you had one?”

“Had what?”

“A shining moment.”

– – –

“Where did that come from?”

“I was just curious.”

– – –

“Damn it!”


“I can’t think of one!”

“One what?”

“Shining moment.”


– – –

“Have you had one, then?”

“Yeah. I think I have.”

– – –


“Oh! You want to know what it was.”


“Not sure I want to tell you, now.”

“Don’t pout; you know I can’t stand it.”

– – –


“Please? Please tell me.”

“Well, it was when I pulled that guy’s head off before he could kill you.”

“Awww. That was a pretty good moment.”


“So cute. Can I kiss you?”

“Yeah – if you want to.”

– – –

“Oy! You two numb nutz bugbears! We threw you a rope five minutes ago! Get outta that hole and help us out!”

“Yeah! We’re burning and pillaging up here!”

“Yeah, and the burning and pillaging don’t take care of itself, ya know!”

– – –


“Heavy sigh. Later?”




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