Birthday Girl

The Near Future

girl holding balloons, her face obscured

“She looks so cute.”

“Shhh – she’ll hear you. And we won’t get the picture.”

“Are you using the phone?”

“No – you never know who’s monitoring you and the pic might get accidentally uploaded somewhere.”

“That would be bad.”

“So I’m using the old camera.”

“Great; then we can print it and save it in the scrapbook.”

Sound of sigh. “I remember when we used to be able to take pictures of birthday parties with all the kids at the party in them.”

“I wish we could still do that, but even if their parents don’t object, someday the kids might sue us for violating their privacy or holding them up to ridicule.”

“I know. It’ll be enough if we get just the picture of the birthday girl.”

“Maybe someday we can show it to her.”

“Maybe. But it’s hard to know, and I’d hate to be taken to court by my own kid.”

“You’re right; we’ll just keep the pics for us. That’s safest, isn’t it?”

“Oh! She’s getting ready to blow out the candles! Take the picture!”

“Got it. Look, it’s great.”

“Jeez, I hope she doesn’t remember us doing this.”

“Me too.”