Drop It

picture of woman breaking plates

Breaking Plates by Emiliano Ponzi

Sometimes you’re feeling sad

Perhaps a little mad

You’d like to give the world

A great big finger


The fact that you have learned

Is others aren’t concerned

You feel like ‘they’ have put you

Through the wringer


So deal with it…



Smash the plates and knickknacks too

It is really up to you

Include the frames and photos that you hate


Drop a cup, and break the dishes

While you do, make several wishes

And get your silly head on finally straight


All the junk in hallway closets

Keep it up ‘til you’re exhausted…

And you’ll find that you’ll feel better

When you’re through.

Yes, you’ll find that you’ll feel better when you’re through.


You DO feel better, don’t you? Knew you would!


Now, clean it up. Ha ha ha ha ha.