What a laugh. What, a laugh?

Smiling can imply a sense of humour and a stat...

Falstaff – a generally happy guy

A #LitChat discussion about Pride & Prejudice caused a lightbulb moment for me. So now, not only do I know I don’t like books with unlikable characters, I also don’t like books where the characters don’t have a sense of humour. Generally. I find I can like a story like Count of Monte Cristo because I feel for the protagonist, although he’s lost his sense of humour. But I can’t like anyone in Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights because they have no humour and they’re not very likable people. Still, stories like A Good Man is Hard to Find capture me and there’s a definite lack of humour and nice people in that. So then, is it O’Connor’s writing that makes me care? More investigation is needed.

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