Sarah’s Sacrifice (review)

Sarah's SacrificeSarah’s Sacrifice by Carolyn Burns Bass
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This charming story illustrates how a growing child becomes more aware of the spirit of Christmas through her own generous act.

As small children, we tend to be territorial about our toys and our sentimental tie to them can persist even when we have moved on to other interests. In Sarah’s Sacrifice, a little girl makes a big decision about one of her most beloved playmates and we grow along with her as she learns just what an impact such a decision can have.

Written in clear-to-understand language, Sarah’s Sacrifice is a book for children and yet falls into that category of children’s books that have charm for adults as well. It’s definitely a book that can be shared by parent and child, its story reaffirming that – especially at Christmas – the giver can receive just as much as the one who receives.

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