Into the Night

Image via Pinterest

When I was a kid, passing by places like this at twilight, I always wondered about the people who lived in the apartments. Who were they? What were their lives like? Did they have dreams and hopes for the future or were they just doing the best they could to get from day to day?
I still wonder.





The horse is surprised to see you

here on the moon.

His lip is curled.

His eye rolls at you

and away.


have discovered his Secret.


If you promise not to tell, perhaps

he will not chase you and bite

your moon suit

and make you breathe space.

You can go home again and

walk in the air.


Walk past the fields and stroll

past the barns.

You will see the horses

and wonder

Have any of these been to the moon?


Have any of these been to the moon?


And then you might begin to look

at the cows

and the sheep and

all the rest.


It’s good to wonder, isn’t it?

Isn’t it?