In The Night, She Dreamed

clouds and the moon

In the night she dreamed of domed cities with bright skies and cliffs that embraced the frantic waves.

Again and again she walked its streets and knew them to be teeming with the energies of others, yet she never saw anyone.

She was looking for something. Always looking for something. Even in that place with its golden roofs and arched pathways that led to the ocean, the red and yellow flowers spilling from the arms of the earth, the blue skies holding the grey and white clouds, she was searching. Always searching.

This felt like home and it was so beautiful that one could forget everything else in just being there, but she could never stay still long enough. She walked the avenues and wondered about the buildings rooted to the hills above, and though she opened no doors and climbed no stairs, her eyes were always searching.

When she woke up, her life folded about her like the wrinkled sheets and while she was returned to a world where the people could be seen, touched, talked with, she felt more lost than ever and in the back of her eyes she could see only golden domes.

End of the World

Wall of Water Trope


Last night I dreamed it was the end of the world, water park style.

My husband and I knew it was coming and had decided to take no heroic measures, but at the end, we got in the car and headed for the mountains. Coming up the roads, we saw many people who were unaware. In one place, they were gleaning a field and I yelled out the window at them, but it was too late; the massive watery doom trope was already upon them.

My husband and I came across several freighter ships berthed and ran for one (me carrying my little dachshund). In the last of the dream, we and the few people we had surprised on the ship were desperately climbing upward in a vain hope of avoiding our fate (wow, check that cheesy hyperbole!).

I don’t think I’ve had a watery doom dream before and the visuals were awesome. I’m already wondering if there’s a way I can use any of them in a story.

How about you? Ever been tempted to use a trope? What was it and did you follow through?